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06 May 2007 @ 10:11 pm

So why create this journal?  Well, she suggested it.  I'm away from home right now.  And though were very far apart already, when I'm away from home we feel even more distant.  So while I was waiting for her to come online the other night, I was looking for little girl stories and sites to share with her.  When she finally did come online, I shared some links.  She then said I should write stories.  I told her that if I wrote stories that they would be for her or about her.  She said "Even better!"  So I quickly agreed.  I had already been considering it for a couple of reasons.  We are apart, so we share a lot of fantasies.  Some of them are quite nice, and I'd like to remember them in better detail.  The other reason is that I wanted to watch some livejournal communities, but I don't want them tied to my personal livejournal.  I've known for a long time that I was into some kinky things, and I don't really mind others knowing.  But because there are ways to tie my livejournal back to me, it could impact my career, and it could make the nature of my relationship with Alice apparent to people we know.  And, well, it's just not their business.

Another thing I would like to document is the gradual transformation that is taking place in both of us.  Both of us are into things that are largely considered taboo.  But our interests differed.  I have been interested in bondage for as long as I have been interested in sexuality.  I have a dominant personality in most of my human interaction, and this was no different in sex.  But ageplay was something I had never considered, and something I knew next to nothing about.  This was initially her interest.  I believe that baby girl was drawn to the dominant in me, and I was most certainly drawn to the sub in her.  But she was nervous to tell me about this particular interest.  The disparity in our ages makes it in some ways more natural, and in others more taboo.  But over the past few months, our particular interests have begun to merge into what is now simply our lives.

So what will I put here?  She has a lot of sexual dreams.  Sometimes she shares them with me.  Sometimes they're worth recording.  We also share fantasies.  I usually direct these fantasies when they are interactive.  Some of the best fantasies though are the ones she has when she is alone.  She knows that she is supposed to tell me whenever she touches, and whenever she fantasizes about me.  So I will record some of her fantasies.  Also anything I want to remember that we trade back and forth; images, links, stories, etc. will probably be recorded here if I think someone might find it interesting.  Or maybe I just want to remember it.  I will also record her punishments, as they are a big part of our relationship.  There are already quite a few things that I wish I had recorded that I will try to go back and add later.  I have some of them saved in IM logs, but I don't plan to backdate them.  This will be the beginning, and it's a good beginning.